Roti Maker Created History

Roti Maker Created History. The journey of the life is like a roller coaster because of its ups and downs. It is not a very easy job to be successful in the life. It requires dedication, sweat, blood, motivation and courage to fulfill your dreams. When the life force you to quit and you never give up at that time is a success. When you are absolutely down and out but you still somehow stand up to your feet is a success. When there is nothing positive but still you motivate yourself is a real success. There are many people who started their career from zero and become the pioneer in their field and a young Mohsin Ali from a remote area of Pakistan is one of them. Roti Maker Created History.

ACHIEVEMENT ( Roti Maker Created History ):

In 2012, a young student Muhammad Mohsin Ali shocked the world by getting the first position in the BA examinations held at Punjab University. Roti Maker Created History. He appeared in the exams as a private candidate because he works full time in a Tan door shop. The dedication and hard work of this amazing student paid off after getting 1st position in the university. He smashed the record books by getting 688 marks out of 800 and no one ever managed to take that much score in the history of Punjab University.

As we all heard that Diamonds are made from coal under intense pressure and Mohsin is a lively example of that diamond that motivates the world with his great achievement. He was a coal initially but he decided to polish himself and eventually after the endless efforts he succeeds to become a diamond. In his different interviews, he informed that he used to study whole night in that room where all the other workers used to live. I had only one room and other guys turn on the TV but still with such disturbance I studied at that room and finally achieved one of my goals. He never slept for more than four hours during these two graduation years.


The incredibly talented Mohsin is also from a very humble background. He is the eldest of the brothers and there is a huge burden of responsibilities is on his shoulders as well. His family is dependent on him and that’s why he was in Lahore to earn some bread and butter for his family. In the daytime he used to make bread in the local shop and in the night, he used to study with a tired body. It’s unbelievable that how he managed to do all these things in such a hectic routine. He not only provides financial support to his poor family but also want to do something special for his siblings. His parents are not educated and it’s near to impossible for them to educate their young ones properly. But the willpower of Mohsin never let himself down and as a result, he becomes a celebrity in his own backyard.


The story of this “tan door wall” is an inspiration for all of us. Without any resources, he managed to produce wonders is a great milestone to get. Mohsin is an example for all those who are cursing themselves for not having good opportunities. This brave student has shown everyone that “if there’s a will, there’s a way.” We also have to get some motivation from this Pakistani boy and He had made all the ways clear for everyone. So if we can’t find any way to reach our destination so we need to create our own way. And no one in this world will tell you the shortcuts of achieving the goals because there is no shortcut for victory. You have to dig deep and worked extremely hard to get success and this is a recipe to become a successful person in the life.