Pakistan is not just the name of poverty, terrorism and, conflicts but in reality Pakistan is among the most powerful countries in the world. Pakistan is the first Islamic country to have atom bomb, missile technology and nuclear weapons. Pakistan has done exceptionally well in ever field of life. Pakistanis have made world records, whether it is in the field of sports, music, education or technology. Not only adults but Pakistani children had also shown remarkable and tremendous achievements in the field of education and technology. Arfa Karim may her soul rest in peace was the youngest Microsoft Certified Specialist. Ali Moeen Nawazish was the first Pakistani to achieve highest number of A grades in his O levels exam. Malala Yousafzai is the youngest individual to win the Nobel Prize award for her effortless and commendable work for the sake of women education and empowerment in Pakistan.

Technology Advancements in Pakistan:

If we particularly talk about technology sector in Pakistan, we Pakistanis have gone great in this field. Let us compare Pakistan with respect technology now, 2016 with early seventies.

Radios to Televisions:

Now in this modern era, 2016 no one even bother or thinks to have radio in their homes or offices but the scenario in early seventies was totally opposite. People of Pakistan must have radios with them at home and in the work places. But if you talk about the early sixties only rich people in Pakistan were able to afford radios. In the mid-nineties television replaced radio. The story was same in the start when televisions were first launched in the market only the rich persons of Pakistan have that power to buy this thing of entertainment.

There was only one Pakistani channel run under the supervision of the government at the start, with the passage of time, dish-TV was introduced which has many channels not only broadcasted from Pakistan but also from neighboring countries like Bangladesh and India as well as from other countries of the world. In the twenty first century cable was introduced which is just like a dish-TV and have many channels. If you talk about early nineties the size of the TV was too big and at that time it was very heavy. But as the technology advances with the time very slim and smart LED’s and Plasma’s took over that heavy and big size TVs.

Telephones to Mobiles:

When technology started growing in Pakistan the telecommunication networks were spreaded all over the country. These were the wired telephones and operate in the particular area. As the technology advances, different companies from all over the world started marketing their wireless phones and mobiles. Pakistani public got attracted towards these products as they were wireless and one can easily move with mobiles. Due to this different network providing companies were launched in Pakistan at the start of twenty first century.

Letters to Texts:

In early seventies the only way of communication in Pakistan was sending letters to one another through postal service and with the help of Post-men. This process takes time from a week to ten days. But when mobiles were introduced these messages are delivered within a second to the other person, no matter how far he/she is sitting. In this modern era there are many social sites for sending any kind of message within seconds due to the advancement of internet and latest mobile phone technology.

PCs to Laptops:

PCs were first seen in Pakistan in early eighties. In the beginning when these computers were first launched in the market their prices were too high. Then with the passage of time new items and models of these products were introduces like Pentium 1 then Pentium 2 then 3 and 4. Before computers all the office work are done manually through hands and on papers. Technology ruled the world and new advancements took place in the second decade of twenty first century laptops completely took over the computers.

Laptops to Smartphones:

The latest technology revolution is that the laptops are now slowly being replaced by smartphones introduced in Pakistan by different world famous brands. As your smartphone has the same function as that of your laptop so people can easily send and receive mails with their smartphones, can easily search anything on internet.

Dial-up to Broadband and then 3G/4G:

When PTCL start operating in Pakistan, there was a very slow internet connection which normally takes hours to load a page. From the last decade PTCL introduced broadband internet with variety of speed packages and then Wi-fi. Due to the revolutionary improvement in telecommunication technology from the last two years the broadband is banged by the latest technology, 3G and 4G connections. Not only you can run these on your laptops by sitting home or in office but you can also use SIM cards of these companies to avail 3G and 4G facility in your smartphones where ever you are.

Books to Internet Browsing:

Due to the rapid growth in technology books are replaced by the internet. First people went to the library to read books but now technology advanced too much and you can find any kind of book easily by just one click. Earlier it was little bit difficult to travel with a book but now you can easily find any book by any author easily by just surfing on internet. When there was no internet you have to read the whole book just to gather information about the desired topics. Now you can just write the name of a specific topic or a word and you can easily get all the stuff related to that desired topic.

Technology ruled in Pakistan from the last two to three decades. In old times people travel through carts but now the people of Pakistan have their own luxurious cars, their own mobiles which took on everything like now people don’t wear watches, and they don’t have a separate radio or mp3 player and many other things due to the technological revolution.