Education System of Pakistan

Like food, clothes, home, education is also the essential component of life. Education gives knowledge to a person who he/she is, what is his/her aim and goal in life. Education teaches a person how to survive in this competitive environment. Education builds personality. Without having education no one in this world can achieve success. All the develop countries spend a huge share of their budget on education because they know the importance of education. They spend their money to educate their young ones as they are the future and assets of their country. Unfortunately, in Pakistan there is no such system, Pakistan is very much lagging behind in Education sector. Education plays a very vital role in the success of any country.
There are three types of education systems in Pakistan: Government sector, Semi-govt sector and fully private sector.

Government Sector Education:

Government of any state or country is responsible to educate their people. In Pakistan the education is provided by the government of Pakistan to its public under Ministry of Education, Pakistan.

Government Schools:

Unfortunately, the education provided by the government sector schools are not very well, updated and up to the mark. Mostly poor people of Pakistan, who do not afford the expenses of their children education, prefer government schools. The standard of these schools are very low. Even the students do not enjoy the basic facilities in those government sector schools. The teachers teaching in the government sector schools are not that much competent. Most of the government sector schools in hard areas only exist on the papers while they even don’t exist in reality.
Many government sector schools even don’t have buildings, the poor children studies in the open air. If you talk about the furniture, tables and chairs for the poor children do not exist at all. The main problem is that the attendances of school teachers are very low. Most of the staff is not available in schools at office hours.

Government Colleges:

The conditions of government sector colleges are little bit better than those of government schools. Government colleges have good buildings and students have that all standard facilities. But if you talk about the women colleges, then unfortunately there are very less or even no women colleges in some urban districts of the country. In some government colleges, students are not compelled to follow rules and regulations by the concerned staff.
If we talk about the Women government colleges, they are very less in number. Female students have to travel to the large districts or cities to avail the opportunity. The female staffs for the government colleges are very less in number. There are no hostels in many government colleges. There is a very less strength of female students present in the colleges due to unavailability of the basic needs.

Government Universities:

Irrespective of the class, every Pakistani student prefers government universities because of very much low fee structure. Almost every government university is among the top ranked higher education institutes in Pakistan. Government is spending many funds on the education and research works. If you talk about the fee structure of private universities, they cost heavily, even in six digits while there is a very small amount of fee in government universities.
Higher Education Commission (HEC) awards many scholarships to the needy students to study in Pakistan as well as abroad. There are many merit based scholarships provided to the scholars for their PhDs, from abroad.

Semi-govt Sector Education:

There are many schools, colleges and universities which are not fully privatized. Like there are many Army schools, colleges and universities which provide the good education to the people of Pakistan. Semi government sectors charge a pretty handsome amount of fees for their services and education..
In semi-govt institutes they charge full fee like in private sector institutes from ordinary students. But like in Army schools the fee in considerably less for the army personal’s children.

Private Sector Education:

Private sector education is very much expensive in Pakistan. It is impossible for an ordinary Pakistani to afford private sector education and the poor person even doesn’t think to educate his children in private sector schools and colleges. Only elite class of Pakistan educate their children in private sector educational institutes.

Private Schools:

Private schools are considered one of the best educational places in Pakistan. As only elite class is able to afford education in these private schools so they have all the facilities from playing grounds to the swimming pools. Here the education is totally in English medium. The private school teachers not just focus on studies but they also groom their student’s personality by arranging different kinds of activities.

Private Colleges:

Like that of private sector schools the private college’s students also enjoy all the facilities not only related to their studies but also the co-curricular activities. Private colleges have fully and well-furnished class rooms, playing grounds, auditoriums for their extra-curricular activities. In private sector colleges the professors and educational staff are very well trained and educated.

Private Universities:

Unlike the private sector schools and colleges many students do not prefer private universities. Very few private universities are among the top ranked institutes of Pakistan. Although they have all the facilities for their students either related to their studies or research. The main problems in private universities are that they cost too much fee. Many students work very hard to secure admissions in the government universities and those who are left behind after trying their luck than go for these private engineering universities and medical colleges.
The main drawback of Pakistani education system is that there is gender discrimination. There are schools, colleges for male students but there are very few schools and colleges for women. There are very limited numbers of separate universities for women in Pakistan. There must be the same syllabus in all the four provinces of Pakistan so that students may not face any difficulties at University level. There must be proper allocation of the funds in Education sector by the government. Government has to take solid measures to eliminate flaws in education system.