According to the Internet Service Provider Association of Pakistan (ISPAK) 25 million users are using internet in Pakistan.

According to the Internet Service Provider Association of Pakistan (ISPAK) 25 million users are using internet in Pakistan. And approximately there are 15 million users in Pakistan which are using internet on their mobiles (EDGE/GPRS). And there are 1.7 million broad band connections in Pakistan. The internet is available in Pakistan since nineties. According to the reports in 2001, only 1.3% of the total population of Pakistan was using internet. While this figure exceeds in 2006, which is 6.5% of the total population of Pakistan was using internet. This percentage was 10.1% in 2012. If we talk about 2016 more than 19% of total population of Pakistan has broad brand connections.

Earlier when public of Pakistan was unaware of this internet there was dial-up connections which were very slow and took almost half a day to simply load a page. Then after that different companies launched their cards like WOL, Choka, and Chaka etc. With the passage of time Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) introduced the broad band connections with different speed. Similarly different companies like Wateen and some other companies also came in to competition due to the vast growing telecom field and huge demand of the users in Pakistan. But now PTCL is the biggest internet provider in Pakistan.

Social Networking Websites in Pakistan:

Due to the change in trend, now mostly internet users prefer different social networking websites to remain in contact with their family and friends simply by posting new pic and updating status, texting or video chatting.

The most popular social networking websites used in Pakistan are:


Facebook is the mostly used website in Pakistan. Every internet user in Pakistan must have their Facebook id. Facebook is used by millions and billions of the internet users not only in Pakistan but around the world also. It is the most used website in the world right now. On Facebook users can upload their pic, share their memory, and update their status. If you install Facebook messenger you can easily text to your close ones. You can chat through Facebook messenger. Due to its high demand most of the telecom companies provide free Facebook to the users in Pakistan.


Twitter is one of the most used social networking platform. In twitter user can put a short message usually of 150 characters which is known as tweet. In twitter user can also upload their pic and can share others tweets if they have their account on the twitter. While a user with no twitter account can only see other user’s tweets. On twitter you can follow your favourite celebrities, your favourite experts, your friends etc.


Instagram is launched in October 2010 as a free mobile app. On this social networking website users can share their photos, videos, can follow their favourite celebrities and close friends. Basically Instagram is a photo sharing and video sharing social network website. Instagram have many digital filters which are provided free to the users for editing their pictures and then upload on Instagram. Instagram is one of the best and most used social networking website for sharing pictures and videos. User can share their memories in the form of photos and videos either publically or in private.

Google +:

Google+ is the service provided by the Google. Google+ provide you with circles, hangouts etc. Google+ has 65 million unique users. Gmail is among one of the most commonly used platforms for sending and receiving emails from different peoples. You can add these people in different categories known as circles in Google+ like friends, classmates, family members etc. You can also install its app through which you can send and can also receive messages from your different circles known as hangouts in Google+.


LinkedIn is the social networking website where professionals from all trades meet one another. On LinkedIn you just make your professional account and after that can connect with different persons of different fields. On LinkedIn recruiters and companies offer different job posts to the professionals. You can send invitation to the person you think will help you professionally in future. You can make connections with the different persons on LinkedIn.

Deviant Art:

Deviant Art is one of the largest online social networking website for the artists and their art. Deviant Art provide different types of tools and resources to the enthusiastic artists to show their work in a well- mannered way. It is the best platform for the young, emerging and established artists to exhibit, promote and share their work with professional and art-centric community. It has 38 million registers users and more than 65 million unique visitors per month. The members of Deviant Art are known as deviants. Everyday deviants upload 160,000 original art works to digital art, films and paintings.


Myspace was the largest and one of the most visited social networking website from 2005 to 2009 in the world. If you talk about United States of America Myspace surpassed Google as the most visited website. Facebook overtook Myspace in 2008 in the number of most unique world-wide visitors. The users of Myspace has declined steadily making it 2,154 on the total web traffic in the world.

These are the above few most popular social networking websites used by the internet users in Pakistan. Almost every internet user in Pakistan has Facebook id irrespective of the age group. When we talk about twitter some users have their accounts on twitter but they are mostly above 25 years of age. Instagram is a favourite platform for the selfi lovers and that mostly contains girls of teen age. On the other hand LinkedIn is used by the professionals belong to different professions. This social networking site mostly contains people from different companies who are searching talented candidates and many young professionals for their organization. Deviant Art is used by the art lovers, which include most of the boys. But if you talk about the Myspace, its users in Pakistan are very few as compared to the other social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter.