Reasons of Declination of Sports In Pakistan

 Reasons of Declination of Sports In Pakistan

In our childhood, every other day we used to get the good news about the success of Pakistan in the sports arena but now a day the situation has changed dramatically and now once in a blue moon you get to know about something good in the field of sports. In the past, Pakistan was always in the top of the world in Hockey, Cricket, Squash, Volleyball, Karate and many other games. Jahangir Khan, Jansher Khan, Imran Khan, Javed Miandad, Hasan Sardar, and a lot of other legends has dominated the world the world with their outstanding play in their field of sports. We remember the world cup and Olympic gold medals in the field of Hockey and we also remember the sheer dominance of Jahangir and Jansher Khan for years in the squash arena. Apart from that, we are also aware of the supremacy of Pakistan team in the Cricket but in modern days sadly we can’t even qualify for Olympics which are such a shame for the talent of Pakistan.

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There are some clear-cut reasons that cause such a downfall in the Pakistan Sports and these are as follows;


Although it’s very harsh for the fans but the truth is that corruption has drowned the ship of sports and the corrupt officials that are associated with the sports has enjoyed each and every bit of it. Apart from that, it’s almost impossible for a talented player to play in the national team without doing any corrupt so the bottom line is the real reason for our downfall is due to corruption.


The number one rule to keep the sports well on track is to stay away from politics. Whenever politics enters in the sports it has always ruined it badly and it’s very sad to hear that in Pakistan, it’s necessary to have political affiliation regardless the matter of the fact that you are best in the game or not.


You all agree to this point in Pakistan, the players always groomed in those facilities that don’t even qualify for the international standards. You will surprise to hear that Pakistan has only one or two AstroTurf for Hockey in the whole Pakistan of 200 million populations. Same is the case with Cricket, Football, Badminton, Swimming and other major sports. So the matter of the fact is that you can’t produce world class athletes without providing them proper facilities.

Money factor

Money is one of the major factors that can uplift the confidence level of people in a great way. Pakistan is not a rich country and most of the talented individuals can’t afford to play for the whole day due to poor financial conditions. On the other side apart from Cricket, no other game in this country can produce good finances. Even an international player can’t earn bread and butter for his family properly so for the upcoming young talent there is literary no reason to remain in the sports industry.

The rest lies to us, how we take and accept this sort of  corrupt sports culture in our environment and what steps we initiate to over come this dying era.