Pakistan Cricket team is regarded as one of the top teams in the world and without any doubt; Pakistan has produced some outstanding performers over the past years. Apart from that, Green Shirts have also achieved some great results that forced the world to recognize them as a fierce factor in the world of Cricket. This is a fact that Pakistan team is the most unpredictable team in the global arena but still the 92 world cup winners have always struggled against Australia in their homeland. At times, Pakistan had a great team while touring Australia but despite that they never won the series there. Here are some of the reasons why Pakistan always found tough playing in Australia;

Lack of adaptability to different conditions

All the Cricket experts will agree to a certain point that it’s hard for an overseas team to adjust to the utterly different conditions easily. In a case of Green team, you will find this thing even worse because they found really hard to play in the unfamiliar conditions. So you have to admit that Pakistan always found tough to adjust to different conditions that are why they always fail to deliver the goods in Australia.

Bouncy pitches

As we all know that the batsmen from the sub-continent particularly play well on the low bounce and slow tracks because they have been brought up in these pitches. Apart from that, all the subcontinent batsmen love to play spin whereas, on the other hand, you will get extremely fast and bouncy pitches in Australia that cause serious trouble to the Pakistani batters. To be honest, Indian players play much better than Pakistani batsmen in the Aussie conditions that is why their record is way better than Pakistan in Australia. Therefore, due to the failure of batsmen in the bouncy tracks Pakistan has always been in a spot of bother while playing in Australia.

Australian Team factor

There are many things that are in favor of Australians on their home soil but you have to admit the fact that in the last two decades, Australia has been the most lethal team in the entire globe and they have lifted 3 world cups out of last 4. Not only this, they have also enjoyed the longest stay in the number 1 spot both in test and ODI format. So the matter of the fact is that they have outclassed all the teams in the last few years and under Ricky Ponting captaincy it was almost next to impossible to beat them in their home conditions. They were very lucky to have players like Gilchrist, Hayden, Symonds, Clarke, Bevan, Hussey, McGrath, Warne, Gillespie and many others that can turn the game in their favor in the matter of minutes and their team combination was very balanced. So, these are also very crucial factors that disallowed the Pakistan to stamp their authority in the away tours.