Former Pakistani COAS Raheel Shareef appointed as Chief of Islamic Military Alliance

Former Pakistani COAS Raheel Shareef appointed as Chief of Islamic Military Alliance

Pakistan’s ex-chief of Army staff Raheel Sharif has been appointed as the chief of 39-nation Islamic military alliance that is head by Saudi Arabia to ensure the elimination of the terrorism from the world. The Pakistani defense minister Khawaja Asif confirmed on Friday while talking to a TV channel. He also said that the contract was confirmed a few days back and now is the best time to disclose this matter. Khawaja Asif also added that the government and army were taken into confidence before finalizing all the important things.

In the last year, Pakistan rejected the Saudi offer to become the part of Islamic military alliance after parliament decided to remain neutral in the clash between Saudi Arabia and Yemen Houthi forces. This step has clearly dented the relationship of Pakistan and now with the inclusion of Pakistan spearhead the ties of Islamabad with Riyadh will prosper again. The coalition was visualized to serve as a stand for extremism by providing proper training, manpower, and equipment but later Saudi Arabia merges this alliance into a military that will work against terrorism in Iraq, Egypt, Syria, Libya and Afghanistan.

Raheel Shareef is regarded as one of the most successful military chiefs in the history of Islamic republic of Pakistan and not only this, the popularity of this incredible military head among the whole nation is also unbelievable. He is also from a very special family and his family has sacrificed his sons for their motherland. His family is the only one that has accomplished two Nishan-e-Haider awards (Pakistan’s highest military gallant award). Under the supervision of Gen(R) Raheel Sharif Pakistan has enjoyed some great achievements against the terrorist organizations in the country. The Operation Zarb- e-Azb has broken the back of militants and now Pakistan is heading towards the complete elimination of Terrorism that was looking impossible before the tenure of Raheel Shareef.

Some groups in the country have criticized this move from the Ex-army chief and they are really raising some serious questions. Even some notable politicians are also pointing the fingers on this step and the PTI Member National Assembly Asad Umar has risen that if the government is not becoming the part of this Saudi Alliance how a former Army Chief of Pakistan can head this alliance? Some people are also saying that if any other former Army Chief ever joins the Russian or Iranian or Syrian coalition then there is no real authority for Pakistani Government and Establishment to stop him for becoming the part of any other country’s alliance. Apart from that, the senate also showed some concerns over the government permission to the former Army dominant.

So the tale of the tape is that this move has surely created some disturbance among the Pakistani ranks and in the near future the picture will get clearer that can also impact on the political mainframe in the country.