Top reasons that show you why Islamabad is the best city to live in

Top Reasons that show you why Islamabad is the best city to live in

Islamabad is regarded as one of the most beautiful city in the entire globe and without any doubt; there are some outstanding things that you can never experience in any part of the world. From natural scenes to artificial galleries one can get almost everything in this unique city. Here are some of the reasons that force you to live in this amazing city.

Magnificent Beauty

For pleasure seekers, Islamabad is the place to extract the maximum out of it. The matchless beauty of this glorious city blow you away and not only that you can also enjoy a lot of natural scenes inside the city. From Margalla Hills to different beautiful parks, you can get a lot of places to explore fascinating views. This city also provides you the opportunities of scintillating adventures like paragliding, Hiking, fishing and many others. One thing is guaranteed that you will get all the luxuries that no other city will give at any cost.

Proper Security Arrangements

Unlike many other cities, Islamabad has a great overall security as well. The ratio of crimes in this wonderful city is much less as compared to other cities of Pakistan. The patrolling of Pakistan Rangers has also added great stability in the safety of the city. Apart from that the inclusion of Rapid Response Force (RRF) will also benefit to overcome the security issues. Not only that the installation of CCTV cameras in the entry and exit point of Islamabad has added more fuel to the fire and now you can easily say that the amazing Islamabad is one of the safest cities to live in.

Brilliant Transport Facilities

Islamabad is the only city in whole Pakistan that possesses the best transport system. You can enjoy outstanding facilities of Metro Bus for your needs. Apart from that, there are so many options for you to avail to reach your destination. Now you have the luxury to get the transport by calling them from the internet because some online Taxi schemes are providing the transport at your door steps so you only need to call them and tell your location and they will impulsively come to you within few minutes.

Infinite Shopping Opportunities

For shopping lovers, Islamabad is the right place for you to cash the endless opportunities of shopping. In this gorgeous city, one can easily find all the top brands and without any difficulty, you can get whatever you want. Centaurus Mall is the dream place to get all the latest outfits and jewelry. From Blue Area to Karachi Company you will get infinite places from which you can shop anything literary anything.

So the matter of the fact is that Islamabad has all the ingredients that make any city great. The outstanding atmosphere and amazing education capabilities also make this city more wonderful. Therefore, the tale of the tape is that once you start living in Islamabad you will never like any other city for sure.