Multan Metro Bus Service Officially Launched

Multan Metro Bus Service Officially Launched

After the success of Metro Bus Service in Islamabad-Rawalpindi and Lahore the leadership of PML(N) announced few years ago that they will launch Metro Bus service in Multan and now its happening, before the official launch of Metro few trials were done to see its operation and after successful trial runs Metro Bus Service was officially launched in Multan on 24th of January 2017 and Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif Prime Minister of Pakistan inaugurated the Metro Bus service ceremony.

Despite of the corruption charges on the ruling party PML(N) they focused their entire attention towards Multan Metro Bus Service to make it a reality and they did so finally. After the official launching ceremony of Metro Bus Service PM Nawaz Sharif along with Governor, Chief Minister Punjab and other Federal and Punjab Government officials took the first official ride of Metro Bus.

The reason for initiating this project in Multan was that firstly, Multan is among big cities of Punjab and it was neglected by almost every ruling party from over last 20-25 years which created many chaos with in the city and among those one of the major issues was of the traffic. Commuters who were travelling daily through traffic jams, hot weather, and via old buses to their destinations will now be travelling through air conditioned buses to their destined location with the bus route covering almost all important parts of the city. Hopefully, this Metro Service will minimize the traffic issue and people will have more convenient and comfortable transport interns of money and luxury.

Now coming towards the infra-structure cost of this project. Multan Metro Bus service project cost over around 29 Billion rupees. The Metro Bus Covers route of almost 18.5 km along with total of 21 terminals located at important spots to increase the inflow of users. Expert analysis on daily ride stats is that almost 1,00,000 people will travel via Metro Bus on daily basis and this service will run fullest with 35 buses.

People of Multan are appreciating this Metro Bus service as it will overcome traffic issues in Multan city and will create employment opportunities for the locals and they are hoping for other Big projects too.