New Samsung Galaxy s8 With Curve Screen Feature: Report says

New Samsung Galaxy S8 With Curve Screen Feature: Report says

Their is a news relating to Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone which is going viral over the days that the South Korean smartphone company has decided to launch Samsung Galaxy S8 with the curved screen. Leaked information reveals that the mobile smartphone will soon be released in two sizes that are Samsung Galaxy S8 with 5 inch curved screen and the other with 6 inch curved screen. There is a lot of other features too that have held people in surprise that how the new smartphone Galaxy S8 would be. Design of the smartphone Samsung galaxy S8 is a bit different as compared to the old traditional mobile phones Samsung has produced over the years. Reports confirm that the size of the mobile will remain same only the front display screen would almost cover the front end of user as this design has been given a new name by the company and that is “Infinity Display”.

Talking about Samsung S8 features, apart from the new curved screen design there is a lot more this smartphone is offering like reports says that it will come with a finger print sensor at the back end of the smartphone, improved camera and processor, storage of this smartphone will start from around 64 GB while supporting micro SD card too, and rest build will be approximately same as was in Samsung galaxy S7.

Release date of this Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone is not yet confirmed but the announcement date for this smartphone is believed to be at the end of March and the sale of this mobile will start from late April, 2017.

Though 2016 was a year of bit of controversies for the Samsung Company like many of their smartphones batteries exploded but yet they were able to produced some of outstanding smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S7 and the other one which is Galaxy Note 7.

South Korean based Samsung hopes that 2017 will bring more success as compared to previous years.