Suzuki Vitara Launched In Pakistan

Suzuki Vitara Launched In Pakistan

Suzuki is been known as a big giant in vehicle industry worldwide and specifically when we talk about small cars they are on a lead role in case of Pakistan because Suzuki cars affordability make Suzuki company popular among middle class and lower class people living in Pakistan.

In December,2016 Pak Suzuki officially launched first ever 4th generation 4×4 sport utility vehicle Vitara SUV in Pakistan.

Vitara SUV is introduced in Pakistan in response to the increasing demand of the local market. Honda was the first in this race to introduced a 4×4 SUV namely Honda Vezel and after that the trend of SUV started building up due to which Pak Suzuki decided to launched Vitara SUV in Pakistan to meet vehicle market demand and to be in the competitive race with other vehicle manufacturers.

Now, talking about price of this Suzuki Vitara SUV, there are two editions of Vitara launched in Pakistan.

  • Suzuki Vitara GL+ 1.6 1586cc,Automatic,Petrol and the price is PKR. 3,490,000.
  • Suzuki Vitara GLX 1.6 1586cc, Automatic, Petrol and the price is PKR.3,799,000.

Before this model of Vitara SUV, the previous model was launched in 1990’s in Pakistan and was very popular among people in those time. This Suzuki Vitara SUV has received a lot of awards for its overall performance and top level security from many organization operating in different countries and especially it has received a very brilliant feedback from the Europian countries.

During the launching event of Suzuki Vitara SUV, famous actor of Pakistan Fawad Khan who was names as a official ambassador of Pak Suzuki recently was awarded with the first Suzuki Vitara SUV, Managing Director of Pakistan Suzuki and General Manager of Pakistan Suzuki was also there in the ceremony which was held in Islamabad.

Coming towards the flavors this Suzuki Vitara SUV is offering, Vitara SUV has a key less entry and also comes with a inbuilt push start engine ignition feature, Luxurious Vitara SUV has a sunroof in both editions which increases the overall beauty of the SUV, it has a steering with multi functionalities like audio and cruise control. Vitara has 6 gear prosmatic transmission which means it comes with both automatic and manual transmission, Vitara SUV is also equipped with a high tech temperature sensors which automatically adjust the inside temperature in relation with the outside temperature. It has a traditional speed meter display with slight modifications and few new additions which makes it look more attractive.

Vitara is a 4th generation SUV and so far assessing from the responses of the people it looks that this Pak Suzuki Vitara SUV will break all records of SUV sale in Pakistan.