Frank lampard announced retirement from International Football

Frank Lampard announced retirement from International Football

Formal Chelsea captain and England player Frank Lampard who played as a midfielder announced his retirement from international football on 2nd of February,2017. Frank lampard played for almost 21 years of Professional football and during his this tenure he made 649 appearances for Chelsea in 13 years and 106 appearances for England.

Frank Lampard shocked the football Universe when he announced his retirement from all formats of football on social media, 38 year old midfielder who was associated with a New York city club in MLS in America last year announced his separation from football on Thursday.

While announcing his retirement from football he added that
“Whilst I have received a number of exciting offers to continue playing, at 38 I feel now is the time to begin the next chapter in my life”.

Lampard also said, that I am very much thankful to the those associations who have offered me with a football club coaching job, though I have not decided my future plans till now but surely I will perform off field duites to serve football at highest.

Frank Lampard with Chelsea Football Club won 11 major titles and among those he won 3 English Premier League titles and Chelsea won Champions League title in 2012 after defeating Bayern Munich club of Germany. Lampard also hold 4 FA Cups trophies and other achievements.

Frank Lampard is third on the list of making most number of appearances in English Premier League (EPL). He has made a total of 609 appearances in EPL and lampard is just behind Ryan Giggs with 632 caps and Gareth Barry with 615 caps. Frank Lampard has a goal tally of 177 goals and this number is 4th on the list of maximum goal scorers in EPL and he also holds the record of most numbers of penalties which is 9.

Frank lampard started his career when he signed for West Ham in 1994 while he was a school boy at that time. After playing for few years at West Ham he later joined Chelsea football club in 2001 over a 11m euro deal and his dream run started after then. After serving Chelsea football club for over a decade and winning English Premier League trophies and many other, Lampard joined Manchester City club though his stay was short in that club and finally he joined New York city football club in Major Soccer League in United States in 2015 which proved to be his last club before announicng his retirement.

Many Football greats have praised Frank Lampard for his Heroic career and wished him a successful life ahead.