Pakistani students invent a blowing product robotic arm

Pakistani students invent a mind-blowing product that can tell whether the bowler is chucking or not?

Pakistani students have invented a great product that can identify a bowler who has an illegal action. A group of five students from National University of sciences and technology (NUST) has created a product called “Cricflex “that helps the bowlers by giving the information of bending the arm during bowling. This amazing product can be very handy if it is used at the grass root level because from there the bowlers can correct their actions in the club level otherwise in the international arena, it become very tough to change your bowling action effectively and it’s a great chance that the bowler may lose his killer instinct after changing in the bowling action on the international circuit.

The product consists of small motion sensors that are attached to a sleeve of the bowler and the result is generated in the app that can be visible on the computer and mobile phone also. One can see the generated outcome very soon after the ball is delivered by the bowler.

Not only this, the group of students has also published the research paper on this technology and it was also accepted in the MIT conference which was held in 2015.  After the ban on Saeed Ajmal the students started this project and in a very short span of time, it is really incredible that they come up with such a great thing with very limited resources.  This work is also recognized by a leading Biomechanist as well and soon we will see this magnificent product in the mainframe. The initial estimated cost of the CricFlex is around $250 to $300 and to be honest, this is more than reasonable if it is working properly. It’s on the cards that this will be used in the Biomechanics lab of Pakistan Cricket Board which is established at LUMS (Lahore University of management sciences) for further check the accuracy of this product.

In the recent times, many world class bowlers banned due to illegal actions and there are some other bowlers that are likely to lose their plot due to the same reason as well. Mainly most of the times, the off-spinners became the victim of this 15-degree rule because it is a natural tendency for the off-spinners to bend their arm during the bowling. The bowlers like Saeed Ajmal, Sunil Narine, Johan Botha, Muhammad Hafeez, prosper Utseya and many others have been banned due to illegal actions hence the need to correct the bowling action is immense at the grass root level.

Without any doubt, this product can be introduced in the club cricket to rectify the bowling flaws among the youngsters. The other positive thing about this product is that it is also not expensive so in the club level, it can be used immediately to get the things right on track. After getting the green signal from the PCB officials we might see this device in the different local clubs shortly.