DRS Technology To Be Introduced In T20

DRS Technology To Be Introduced In T20

On Saturday 4th of February,2017 ICC board official meeting was held and during the meeting many aspects related to the game of cricket were discussed, and during the meeting major concern of DRS technology which is nowadays hot topic was discussed in great detail and a major news was announced for the fans that DRS technology will be a part of T20 games from now on wards. Spokesman said,it was decided that DRS system from now on wards will be implemented in all formats of the game of cricket which are Test, ODI and T20. The actual reason behind this decision was to make the game of cricket more professional and competitive. Sources claim that it was also due to the immense pressure from the fans that forced the committee at ICC to make it a part of T20.

DRS system will be implemented by this year and most probably this will be launched in late October 2017. Anil Kumble along with other executive members from the council of ICC are awarded the assignment to make the plan that how this DRS system will be implemented in T20 format.

The Executive members from the ICC council added that the DRS technology will be used in upcoming T20 World Cup, ICC Champions Trophy 2017 and the Women’s World Cup. According to the DRS technology System it is decided so far that each game will be given one review per game.

No doubt, after the intoduction of DRS technology back in 2008, the game of cricket has been improved and have seen better results since. By law introduced few years back every technology which is introduced worldwide has to be approved by MIT and therefore DRS system with improved technology structure has to be approved by the MIT board. The members of ICC council are deliberately working harder to bring the framework structure for all the three formats.

Many ex-cricketers and experts have praised and acknowledge the decision taken by the ICC and they have stated that this will make game of cricket more professional, enjoyable and acceptable.