Pakistani boy synchronized 3 major Social Networking Websites

   Pakistani boy synchronized 3 major Social Networking Websites

Pakistan is a great nation with full of talented peoples. Pakistani boy Hasan Javed has made a smartphone app which synchronized the three major websites that is Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn. All the Facebook’s notifications and news feed, Twitter’s tweet and trends and LinkedIn profile connections are now on the same page to save time and facilitate the people. A Pakistani boy Hasan Javed residing in Multan has done this by gathering all the data from these three major social networking websites and he is pretty much confident that he can make this app better with the support of government. Pakistan has a lot of potential, peace loving people, great talent, full of resources, many rivers, high mountains, sunshine and four seasons in a year, agricultural land in Punjab, great wealth of natural resources, important strategic location, largest Air Force and Army, and a very good and reliable friend like China and also the strongest Muslim country in the world, an atomic power.

About these Social Networking Websites:

According to the Internet Service Provider Association of Pakistan (ISPAK) 25 million users are using internet in Pakistan. And approximately there are 15 million users in Pakistan which are using internet on their mobiles EDGE/GPRS. And there are 1.7 million broad band connections in Pakistan. The internet is available in Pakistan since nineties. According to the reports in 2001, only 1.3% of the total population of Pakistan was using internet. While this figure exceeds in 2006, which is 6.5% of the total population of Pakistan was using internet. This percentage was 10.1% in 2012. If we talk about 2016 more than 19% of total population of Pakistan has broad brand connections.


Facebook is the mostly used website in Pakistan. Every internet user in Pakistan must have their Facebook id. Facebook is used by millions and billions of the internet users not only in Pakistan but around the world also. It is the most used website in the world right now. On Facebook users can upload their pic, share their memory, and update their status. If you install Facebook messenger you can easily text to your close ones. You can chat through Facebook messenger. Due to its high demand most of the telecom companies provide free Facebook to the users in Pakistan.


Twitter is one of the most used social networking platforms. In twitter user can put a short message usually of 150 characters which is known as tweet. In twitter user can also upload their pic and can share others tweets if they have their account on the twitter. While a user with no twitter account can only see other user’s tweets. On twitter you can follow your favourite celebrities, your favourite experts, your friends etc.


LinkedIn is the social networking website where professionals from all trades meet one another. On LinkedIn you just make your professional account and after that can connect with different persons of different fields. On LinkedIn recruiters and companies offer different job posts to the professionals. You can send invitation to the person you think will help you professionally in future. You can make connections with the different persons on LinkedIn.