Meet Pakistani Abdul Basit, Guinness World Record Holder

Meet Pakistani Abdul Basit, Guinness World Record Holder

Pakistani citizen Abdul Basit now holds a Guinness World Record after he sets the fastest time to identify all elements present in the periodic table.

As we all know very well that Pakistan is a place where its citizen don’t lack when it come to showing talent. In past times, Pakistani people have created and broken many world records. But these records are not set neither broken by overnight efforts there is always a sheer determination and infinite hard work that molds the person to be on the top of the world and same has been showcased by the Pakistani Abdul Basit, who has set a new world record officially on 19th of December, 2016.

Though Abdul Basit is a Pakistani but he was born in Jeddah,Saudi Arabia and received his early education from KSA. After that he came back to Pakistan to receive his higher and professional studies.

Since childhood Abdul Basit favourite subjects were related to mathematics and through time to time he became more skilled in mental calculations, in mental calculation one solves calculations and remember numbers using only mind power.

Abdul Basit favourite hobby was to solve problems related to calculations and remembering numbers and elements mentally. While giving an interview he said, I was not a genius gem in mental calculations in my childhood but still I was pretty good in mental calculations and I always loved every bit of it.

Now a days, Abdul Basit lives in Dubai where he is performing the job of mental calculations mentor in a organization. To aware the students of the extra ordinary skills and abilities he had relating to performing mental calculations, Abdul Basit decided to go for a Guinness Book of World Record and he contacted the authorities of Guinness Book of World in late 2016 and briefed them with is ambition. So, the date was set for him to go for the stunt.

On 19th of December, 2016 Abdul Basit performed a successful stunt in front of the Guinness Book of World Record jury when he identified all the elements on the periodic table accurately and he was the fastest to identify the elements in terms of time. So, Guinness Book of World Record awarded him with a certificate which states that the fastest time to identify all elements of the periodic table is 3 minutes and 9.07 seconds achieved by Abdul Basit Siddique Ashiq Muhammad from Pakistan performed in Al Ain city of UAE on 19th of December,2016.

Abdul Basit is also up to to set new Guinness Book of World Records in near future, so we wish best of luck to him for his upcoming endeavors.