Karachi- The City of ‘Lights’

Karachi- The City of ‘Lights’

Pakistan is a dynamic country having vibrant and wonderful cities. In Pakistan some of its cities are known for their natural beauty, some are famous due to the deserts and coasts while most of them are known world- wide for their cheerfulness and few of them are known for their good economy and economic opportunities in which Karachi is one of them. Karachi is famous for its cheerfulness and vibrant city of Pakistan also known as city of ‘Lights’.

Karachi’s Climate and Weather:

Karachi is Pakistan’s biggest city and also among one the biggest cities in the world. Karachi is famous for its huge buildings in Pakistan. Karachi possesses beautiful parks and only beach of Pakistan. Karachi has a sunny weather mostly warm and humid in general through- out the year. Karachi’s temperature goes worst in summers causing many deaths and heat strokes while in winters it is better and little good as compare to summer but humidity factors remain the same in both winter and summer.

The Economic Hub of Pakistan:

Karachi is known as the economic back bone of Pakistan. The State Bank of Pakistan and Karachi Stock Exchange are the present model of economic importance of Karachi. Karachi is the most populous city of Pakistan. Karachi has population of more than 2 billion as recorded in newly researches. Karachi is famous for its shops and markets all over the country for best products and accessories. In Karachi markets one can easily find all the products of top most brands. In Karachi you can find different products in a very cheap rate from normal city markets while you can find the outlets of top brand as well ranging from low to very high prices.

Beach in Karachi:

Karachi is the only city of Pakistan having beach. People from all over the Pakistan came here to visit this beach and experience the most beautiful sun sets in Pakistan. It’s known as Sea view. On different occasions and festivals like Chand Raat, Eid, Independence day etc people from different part of the country visit Karachi beach for the enjoyment and celebrating their happiness. In Karachi beach you can also enjoy camel riding. Karachi has some good parks also. They are well maintained for people where they come and spend their free time in a healthy environment.

City of ‘Lights’:

Karachi due to its liveliness, vibrant nature and cheerful people it is also known as city of lights. In Karachi there is traffic running all the day and night. Karachi is a city which never sleeps in a sense like the shops and markets in Karachi are open all the day and night 24/7. In Karachi there is a big showbiz industry of Pakistan. Karachi has produced many actors and actress. Karachi has contributed the most in the showbiz industry of Pakistan. Karachi showbiz industry has given many famous and hit drama serials and films in the past as well as in the recent times. All the media head- quarters are located in Karachi which adds more importance to this city. Many fashion shows and brands are hosted and launched every year in Karachi.

Historical Importance:

Karachi has a historical importance in Pakistan. Karachi has a privilege of having the Quaid- e- Azam’s tomb known as “Mazar-e-Quaid”. In Karachi the father of nation Quaid- e- Azam (R.A) was born. On every special occasion and on National days the government personals and ordinary people or public visit Mazar-e-Quaid to pay tribute to the Father of Nation for his endless efforts for Pakistan. On days like 23rd march and 6th September and day of birth and death of Quaid the Army, Navy and Air force pay tribute and guard of honour to the Father of Nation. Karachi is one the best city in Pakistan to visit.