Say ‘NO’ to Corruption- Government of Pakistan

Say ‘NO’ to Corruption- Government of Pakistan

Fortunately or unfortunately Pakistan is a democratic country. Pakistan is run under the system by the government selected by the public of Pakistan through the general election of Pakistan. Pakistan is a country full of talented peoples and individuals but unfortunately this disease of corruption in Pakistan has hit very badly in last few decades. Now the people of Pakistan believe that in Pakistan every- thing takes place when you offer bribe and other things to the people sitting on different pots. This disease of corruption is most common in many government departments as compare to other departments in Pakistan.

Role of Government:

To stop corruption Federal Government as well as Provincial Government has to take strict actions to ensure that there will be no corruption in the government departments. In government departments there are corrupt persons from a bursar to the high official. Our police department is very much under influence of corruption. Police releases or arrests any criminal or innocent person respectively just for the sake of a small bribe. If you have money and if you can afford the wishes of government officer no matter what, you can do any illegal or unlawful act and even nobody will ask you about that thing. Government has to made a strict law and also anti- corruption departments which will work transparently to stop corruption.

Federal Government:

Pakistan Muslim League-N emerged as a ruling party in federal after the general elections in Pakistan 2013. Main Muhammad Nawaz Sharif is leading the party since 1980s. He is the president of the party. Pakistan Muslim League-N smashed 190 seats in the National Assembly while the numbers of seats in Senate are 26 out of 104. Pakistan Muslim League-N won thrice the General Elections. PML-N won twice in 1990s and also in 2013. During PML-N tenure Main Muhammad Nawaz Sharif thrice became the Prime Minister of Pakistan.

Provincial Governments:

The provincial governments also have to play their part in stopping or reducing the corruption from the government departments. All the Provincial assemblies have to make strict laws against corruption and corrupt persons. If we talk about provincial governments the Sindh government is lacking very much behind from Punjab and KPK government. Almost every department under Sindh government is corrupt. Sindh is ruled by Peoples Party (PPP). After the assassination of Benazir Bhutto in December 2007 her husband Asif Ali Zardari took the charge of Pakistan People’s Party and won the general elections with majority and formed their government in Pakistan. In 2013 PPP lost the general elections but was able to form the government in Sindh Province with the collaboration of other parties.

PTI is ruling in KPK and they claim that they have made a transparent system to stop corruption. PTI claim that they have make Police department a political and corruption free department. In 2013 general elections PTI got the highest number of votes from all over the Pakistan but they only succeeded to form government with the help of other political parties in Khyber Pakhtoon Khawa. PTI has 32 seats in National Assembly of Pakistan. And if we talk about the Baluchistan there are many other serious issues too besides corruption which have to be resolved for the better future of Baluchi peoples and for the betterment of Pakistan.

In Punjab, Shabaz Shareef is delivering quite well but the main point to focus is that people are unhappy from the different government departments of Punjab due to their corrupt behaviour with the poor and ordinary people like Punjab Police is an example. Public are unhappy due to their corruption and due to their corrupt officials. People have to pay heavy amount as a bribe for government jobs. The Federal Government as well as Provincial Government along with the support of public has to eliminate corruption from Pakistan. Pakistan has done a lot to stop corruption. The statistics have improved in 2013. According to the statistics in 2012 Pakistan was ranked on 139 out of 174, on 134 out of 182 in 2011, on 143 out of 178 in 2010 and 139 out of 180 in 2009.


  1. So rahi hai hakoomat koi action kyoon ni leta pochy aa k ab 40 hazar mang ry hum sy kyoon dain ye hai insaf shareef ki koi zindagi ni. Badmash ko salam hai.