Top reasons that justify the Basant Ban

Top reasons that justify the Basant Ban

Basant festival (kite flying) was one of the most exciting festivals in Pakistan. People used to wait for this particular occasion for months and finally when the Basant day arrive everyone were on the top of their houses to witness some unbelievable scenes during the Basant. To be honest, it is impossible to describe the buzz and thrill of this event from these words. The night before the Basant day was even better where the people used to fly the white kites in the dark sky with loud horns and it was undoubtedly the most exciting moments of the year.

Some people used to arrange proper music setups in their attic floors to get the more pleasure and inclination from it. The whole Basant day was like a festivity where everyone is enjoying and having the moments of their lives. From a 5-year old kid to 70-year –old grandfather, everyone literary everyone was reliving the moments with great satisfaction and gratification. Not only Pakistanis but from all over the world, people used to come in huge number to enjoy this unbelievable festival. But here is the twist in the tail when people started to make this beautiful event filthy with their deadly activities. Punjab Government banned this celebration after losing many precious lives. Although a number of people are still resisting against this decision but the Government holds the firm stance in the favor of Basant ban and here are some valid points that justify the ban correctly.

Lethal wires

Hundreds of people lost their precious lives only because of these illegal deadly wires that are made from glass and harmful chemicals. Bikers became the victim of these wires in huge number on the road. So the bottom line is that if any celebration is costing you hundreds of lives then there is no point to continue that celebration.

Aerial Firing

Aerial firing was also a big problem in the Basant festival where from this many people also got injured and even lost their lives. Many innocent people became the victim of audacious bullets So you can decide whether you prefer entertainment or the safety of others.

Falling to the death

Aerial firing and these deadly chemical wires are not only the problems that arise in the Basant festival. Another main problem that costs many lives is falling from the rooftops. As most of the people were on the rooftops of their houses for flying the kites hence falling from the top is not an unnatural thing. Kids were so much keen to grab any kite that they don’t even care any obstacles in their way hence they fell from the top in the conquest of catching the kite. So you can imagine the state of that unlucky family whose beloved kid is not more with them.

So you can’t blame only Government for banning this festival because it’s our collective failure and we are responsible for this ban. Our unethical activities are the main reasons why we can’t enjoy the incredible Basant anymore.