Pakistan always remains in the headlines on the international media due to different reasons. The media portrait this lovely country as a hub of terrorism and religious extremism but the situation here is quite different that you see in the electronic and print media. This is a fact that Pakistan is fighting terrorism from the past decade but the reality is that we have almost eliminated the terrorism from its roots. Now the terrorists are counting their last breaths and things are very suitable for new businesses and startups. There are some valid reasons for the foreign investors to invest in this wonderful country and these reasons are;

Skilled Labor Force

Pakistan is so rich in the form of skilled workers that you will find highly talented and skilled workers in every single corner. As we all know that Pakistanis are doing their work wonderfully well in the foreign countries and they are known as one of the best in the world. So the matter of the fact is that if someone provides them the right platform in their own country then there is no reason why they won’t give him the best results.

Educated Youth

Pakistan is one of those luckiest countries in which 50% of the population is aged between 18 to 35. This is something quite rare and for any investor, it’s a dream place to invest and get the profit. In Pakistan, you will get tons of qualified Engineers, Doctors, Teachers, Scientists, IT experts, and Chartered Accountants waiting for jobs. So as an investor, you can utilize their talent and aptitude in a really low cost. So the bottom line is you can get the best people to work for you at a very low cost.

Lack of Market Competition

Another very valid reason to invest in Pakistan is that there is literary no competition in the market if you compare it with other developing countries like India, Malaysia, South Africa etc. It is a fact that the infrastructure here is poor but now the Government is really working day and night to keep the conditions better for the foreign investors to invest here. With the CPEC factor, now it is very much on the cards that you will see a substantial difference for sure in the region. Apart from that, by the end of this year, you will see the major boost in the energy sector as well.

Economic Viewpoint

Pakistan is emerging swiftly in the economic outlook and in the past years, it has shown some great results and elevation in its economy. According to the World Bank report of 2013, Pakistan is better than Russia, India, Philippines, Brazil and Indonesia in terms of “ease of doing business” so you can imagine the importance to invest in this particular country. To be honest, the condition of security and political stability is a lot better now and it is a very wise decision to invest here and get some remarkable results.