Why Gawadar port holds so much importance for Pakistan and China?

Why Gawadar port holds so much importance for Pakistan and China?

Pakistan has blessed with many extraordinary things, and the geographical location of this amazing country is one of them. Gawadar port is one of the greatest assets of Pakistan, and it holds a great significance in defining the future of the country. Apart from Pakistan, China and other Central Asian countries including Russia are also keeping a close eye on this port. With the addition of CPEC, the worth and value of this great port get multiplied. For Pakistan, the development in the Gawadar Region matters a lot because it will bring prosperity not only in the Balochistan province but for the entire country. CPEC will pay an estimated amount of 2 million jobs for the Pakistanis which are something more than great. So here are some of the facts that show the importance of Gawadar port not only for Pakistan but the region.

Natural-sea port

Surprisingly, Gawadar Port is the deepest natural port that can accommodate a large number of ships at a single time. Certainly, it is a dream place for the trading purposes. The port is handed over to China in 2013 for operational services and if the authority succeeds to provide the world-class facilities then undoubtedly it will be one of the major trading routes in the entire world.

12-months active Trade

Gawadar Port is ideal to keep the non-stop trade at any time of the year. Many other ports can’t function and remain closed for months due to unfavorable conditions. So it is a major concern because it affects the economy of the countries severely whereas in a case of Gawadar Port you don’t have to worry about these matters.

Easiest Route

Gawadar Port has so many connotations because it can be used as a junction, and it is the best and most economical option to avail for trading. You can connect the trade from the Middle East to Central Asia from this port on any day of the year. After the CPEC, Gawadar will be a global center to connect the imports and exports of the different countries through its channel.

Why is China fascinated by Gawadar Port?

For China, Gwadar Port is a key to their economy because they are spending billions and trillions of dollars every year in their trade and commerce. With the CPEC and Gawadar Port, China can certainly expand their reach efficiently. China fulfills their oil needs from the Middle East and to be honest; it will be the best route for them in every aspect from the Middle East to Gawadar and then to China and they can surely save billions of dollars by utilizing this option. Not only that, China could get refined oil straight away if they establish an oil refinery in Gwadar.

So for China, Gwadar Port is like a cherry on the cake, and they will never let this opportunity begging down. The interest of Russia and other Central Asian countries are also immense because they can also utilize this route for their trade quickly.