Why Pakistan is struggling to produce world-class players

Why Pakistan is struggling to produce world-class players

In the Cricket Arena, over the years Pakistan has produced a number of great players on regular basis. The green team is renowned for producing some amazing players continuously. From Hafeez Kardar to Imran khan and then Wasim Akram the legacy of great players never stop. The 92 world cup winners continuously gifted some wonderful athletes to the cricketing world.  The stylish Saeed Anwar, the genius Miandad, the tricky Abdul Qadir, the unbelievable Afridi, the toe-crusher Waqar, the talented Inzamam and the deadliest Shoaib Akhtar are the proudest products of this cricketing nation.  Not only this, Pakistan has also created some great records and added more stability to the game of cricket.

To be honest, unfortunately, the Green shirts are really struggling to keep the legacy of these extraordinary players. The quality of cricket also fell down in the recent years and the things are not looking very bright in the near future as well. Although Pakistan has some good players on the international circuit but the world-class material is not available in their ranks. Here are some of the possible reasons that can help us to figure out why we are not producing finest players.

No home cricket

Pakistan cricket team is really very unlucky because they have been forced to play away from Pakistan during to security concerns. Most of the players in the current team haven’t played a single match in the home which is absolutely a shame for them and their supporters. It’s a legitimate point that if there is no international cricket in the country it’s very hard to motivate young talent. So this is one of the reasons about the lack of world-beaters in the Pakistan team.

Lack of character

To be very honest, Pakistani players are lacking character and willpower that creates the difference between a great and good player. Most of the players are not putting up the extra effort to become the best in the business. Virat Kohli and Umar Akmal both debuted at the same period but the Indian batsman Kohli is the giant of the game now whereas Umar Akmal is still struggling to keep his place in the side. Ahmed Shahzad, Wahab Riaz, and many other players are the clear-cut examples despite the talent they are not delivering the goods. So at the end of the day, you can safely say that Pakistani players are not putting up the hard work and effort that makes you best of the best.


Pakistan Cricket Board is also responsible for this situation because their management has not introduced the right reforms in the entire circuit. Corrupt officials are doing dirty politics in the domestic Cricket and never let the deserving players to the top level. Apart from that, Pakistan is also paying heavily for the wrong decisions from the board and team management.  The childish behavior of PCB is ruining the gentlemen game and in response, Pakistan Cricket is badly suffering from it. Therefore, just change the structure of Domestic Cricket and bring honest and capable people on the board so that you will see the betterment of Cricket in the country.